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Nothing comes more Natural...

I’ve always loved drawing.

As a little kid I was mesmerized sitting on my father’s knee while he drew cartoon characters from the Sunday funny comics-


When I was in school I would draw my classmates and teachers... and some of the nuns-

that got me into a lot of trouble... and was a lot of fun!... When I got older,  it was still fun.! Then political cartoons and editorial Illustration and 2d animations,  caricature & toons...still lots of fun!...

I love working with clients to create new and fascinating worlds & characters for their stories.I work in many different styles to suit clients needs.

The projects where I use my imagination and creativity are the ones that I am most grateful for, closest to and proudest of.



I am always interested in creating cool illustrations for new clients!. Presently I provide various services to meet clients' needs around the globe. I have over 25 years experience as an illustrator, graphic artist, character designer and caricaturist & cartoonist, etc.

I am proficient in Photoshop, illustrator, flash, sketch, etc. I work in many different styles & create various materials for multiple clients depending on their needs. Specializing in kids books, illustration, character design & development, iPad apps, ebooks, mascots and Flash animated cartoon shorts as well as whiteboard video.

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